Combatting fraud is an important role for anyone using the web. It is our duty to report anything suspicious and lend a hand in keeping the Internet a safe place.

Phishing is one of the most common yet dangerous tactics used by fraudsters. Phishing is often used to illegally steal users' data, particularly login credentials and credit card details. This method comes in various deceiving forms which one should be aware of.

Suspicious Emails

One of the most popular phishing scams involves sending an email, fraudulently impersonating a well-known company or business. 

The email may entail different information such as winning a prize, a request for personal details etc. They may include either a fraudulent link that will make your device exposed to Malware, or ask for your bank information.

Always check the email address of the sender. If they are a well-known company, they will be using their official domain such as "".

Don't click any links or download any attachments within the email. Mark the email as spam or delete it to ensure your safety.

Suspicious Websites

Suspicious emails are often connected to suspicious websites via link. The website may not always be easy to identify if it is fraudulent, therefore, you should always check the URL in the web address bar. If you feel that you are on a suspicious website, immediately exit and do not provide any information or click on any links or adverts.

Suspicious SMS

You will notice that an SMS is suspicious mainly from its contents. They will often include a link that will require you to enter your bank details. We advise deleting the SMS if it appears fraudulent.

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