In order to understand your query better, sometimes we would need to ask for a screenshot. This guide will help you capture the screenshot and send it over to us!

Taking a screenshot on Windows PC.

If you would like to take a screenshot of a particular window or program, you can easily do so by pressing the ALT+ Printscreen keys on your keyboard. 

The screenshot will be copied to the clipboard. In order to save it, you will need to paste the image into an image editing software. You can also use the default Paint software to save your image. 

Taking a screenshot on Mac PC.

To take a screenshot on your Macbook, Press & Hold down the Shift, cmd & 3 keys together.

You should be able to see a thumbnail in the upper corner of your screen which will allow you to edit your screenshot should you need to. 

Taking a screenshot on Mobile Devices. 

iPhone: To capture a screenshot on iPhone, you would need to press the Home Button & Lock Button simultaneously. 

If you have a newer version of iPhone, you would need to press the Volume Up button & the Lock Button simultaneously. 

Android: On Android, you can capture a screenshot by pressing the Volume Down button & Home button together, however, some models of Android might be different than others. 

If you are unable to take a screenshot with your Android phone while pressing those two buttons, we suggest that you conduct a quick online search with your phone model to find the correct combination for taking a screenshot. 


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