If you are receiving the "No Connection" error when you are in MT4, please do the following:

Solution 1:

- Click on "File" then "Login to Trade Account".

Input your "MetaTrader account number" and "Password".

- In the "server selection" box, input the following text:
mt4.wsxpro.com:443 for Live account

demo.wsxpro.com:443 for Demo account.

Solution 2:

You can also try the steps below:

- Click on "File" then "Open an Account".

- Click on the "Plus" sign and enter "WSX LLC"

- Press on "Scan"

- Select the correct server and click on "Next"

- Choose "Existing trade account" to log in with your account's credentials

If you need any assistance regarding your account or any other questions, our support team is available 24/7 and you can also send us an email.