1. If you are depositing via Cryptocurrency, or Credit/Debit Card via 3rd Party Providers, the below information applies.

2. Once your deposit has been processed from your wallet provider, the transaction would need to get "3-6 confirmations" on the Blockchain or Blockchair which can take up to 1-3 hours to successfully credit your account.

3.  We do not accept Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

4. Providing incorrect details may result in the permanent loss of your funds.

5. You can check the progress of your Bitcoin transaction by going to www.blockchain.com.

6. You can check the progress of your Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, USDT, USD Coin transaction by going to the relevant network.

7. You can only use the Bitcoin address we provide once. You should not use it on multiple transactions.

If you realize you have made a mistake, please contact us straight away. We can't guarantee the retrieval of your funds however our Team will do its best to assist you.

If you are still awaiting your funds to reach your WSX account, please check the following;

- Is it the first time you are using the Bitcoin address we provided? (If you have used it more than once, kindly get in touch with our Team to assist you further). 

- If you have inputted the correct Bitcoin (BTC) address. 

- How many confirmations has your transaction received on the www.blockchain.com website?
(To do so, enter the Bitcoin address into the search bar and make sure 
you choose Bitcoin (BTC) and not Bitcoin Cash (BCH) on the next page, select "Transaction Hash" and review the number of confirmations

- The transaction must receive a minimum of 3-6 confirmations on the Blockchain network.

You will be able to see the following payment statuses on your WSX account.


- This status is the initial status shown when making a deposit request. This means that we are still waiting for the funds to be processed. More than likely you would need to click on Pay next to the deposit request and then enter your Bitcoin (BTC) address to complete the deposit or refer to your provider for an update.


The funds have been left your provider/wallet and need 3-6 confirmations on the Blockchain network to credit your account with WSX. This usually can take 1-3 hours.


- The deposit has been approved and is now in your Main Wallet or one of your secondary wallets. 


- Either you have canceled the deposit request or the deposit request has timed out.


- We have rejected your deposit request. 

- You would find a reason for the rejection in the comment box.

- We would also send you an email notifying you that your payment has been rejected.