Useful information:

- The document files should not be larger than 5MB per document uploaded.

- Please ensure the format is either .JPEG /  .PNG / .PDF

After you have completed the easy steps to open a Corporate Account, you will need to provide certain documents to verify your account. 

- Please complete your identity verification as the Authorized Representative for the Account, prior to sending us your business documentation by navigating to the "KYC Verification" Tab on the Account. 

To upload these documents, you will need to send these to us via email either by replying to the email you received when you created your Corporate Account or by sending them to

Depending on the designation of your business, please see below the list of documents applicable to your country that you will need to send:

Corporate Checklist - If LLC, LP or LLP

Certificate of Incorporation

Memorandum & Articles of Association

Corporate Resolution to Open Account Addressed to WSX

Shareholder register    

Certificate of Good Standing           

Corporate Address Verification

Director and shareholder information: All shareholders with 25% or more equity must be shown

Director/s Address Verification

Director/s proof Identification

UBO/s Address Verification

UBO/s Proof of Identification

Depending on the type of your company and / or the jurisdiction where you are located, we may ask for further documents that are required to proceed as shown below. Furthermore, depending on the documents that you submit, we may ask for additional documentation for clarification.

Register of Members (if Member Managed LLC)

Register of Managers (if Manager Managed LLC)

Register of Shareholders

Register of Directors

Appointment of First Directors    

Additional Document Confirming Authority (A letter from the business stating that the account holder has the authority to use/trade funds belonging to the Company.)
In cases where the customer is the sole owner (100%and only owner), this is not required.

If you have not created your corporate account yet, please click one of the below links:

If you need any assistance regarding your account or any other questions, our support team is available 24/7 and you can also send us an email.

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